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The Rules of Customer Service

1.   Customers are our reason for being.

2.   Customers are feeling, thinking people – not cold statistics.

3.   Customers are not nuisances or interruptions.

4.   The customer’s wish is our command.

5.   Customers are our partners, not our competitors.

6.   We are here to serve customers, not match wits with them.

7.   Customers are doing us a favor, not vice versa.

8.   Customers deserve the best we have to offer.

9.   Customers don’t need us – we need them.

10.  Customers sign our paychecks.

Our family wants you and your family to know we are honored to be of service to you.

We are proud to display some of the best manufactured homes and park models built in the USA.  Our suppliers are solid corporations with a proven success record.

You can be confident when you buy a home from Oak Creek Homes.  You know we are here not only to be of service during the sale but after the sale as well.

Every day we meet our customers at the grocery, the bank, the drug store and the gas station. We are confident that when we shake hands that there are smiles and a sincere thank you to exchange.

When you buy a home from Oak Creek Homes you become a part of our family and the foundation upon which we have built our business.  You know when you send your friends and family to our dealership they will be treated with respect and receive the consideration you and they deserve.

We care about you and your family and are excited to be able to assist you with your housing needs.

With our thanks,

The Hansen Family


Having a dedicated “laundry room” is a luxury many of today’s smaller homes have eliminated.  Now a multi-use room which serves as a mud-room, laundry, and storage area has become the new standard.  Several Oak Creek models display this feature making an efficient use of space.

The typical family produces enough laundry for 8 – 10 loads per week.  At an average of 90 minutes a load that is a lot time spent on this never-ending chore.

While modern washers and dryers no longer require constant monitoring there is a need for space to store laundry supplies, sort soiled laundry, fold or hang clean clothes and deal with those special items that cannot go into the washer or dryer.

With 12 – 15 hours a week spent keeping on top of the laundry, ways to make the job easier and more efficient make a real difference.  Today’s utility room can function as a home’s control center where everything is within arm’s reach.

Here are some ideas on creating a system and utilizing every bit of available space.


Use the space above and around appliances for cabinets or shelving.  While cabinets give a cleaner look, the same amount of storage can be gotten using shelving from your local improvement store.  Remember to use the space all the way to the ceiling with the seldom used items stored on the top shelves or even on top of the cabinets.

If the appearance of open shelves is a look that is less than you desire consider putting up some curtains to hide the storage area.  This may be the opportunity to put a splash of cheery color into the room.  If you are lucky enough to have a window in your utility room it too can become part of the décor.

If the space between your washer/dryer seems to collect dust and even pieces of laundry consider a slide out shelf unit.  Though narrow they can easily handles bottles of pre-wash as well as other home cleaning products.  These are easily found on-line or at your local home improvement store.

Dealing with Clothes:

A place to hang freshly washed or newly ironed clothes is a great asset.  Look at the wall or even the back of the door for hanging space.  If there is no room available, a portable rack on wheels that you can slide around the room as you move things from washer to dryer can be handy.  When not used for laundry it can also be a great drop off spot for jackets or backpacks that need short term space.

Many of today’s fabrics benefit from a little touch-up with the iron.  If you only iron occasionally you may want to consider a fold-down ironing board.  There are models to fit the tightest available space.  Many of these units allow for connection to power and even provide storage for your iron.

Hand wash only items pose additional problems when it comes to drying.  Some fabrics can be hung up to dry while others instruct “dry flat”.  This can be handled in a couple of ways.  I usually double fold a beach towel on the top of the washer and dryer.  Then I lay out the item to be dried flat overnight.  If you are worried about dye transfer make sure the towel is white.

You can also shop for a mesh rack which can be laid over your bathtub or laundry sink.  Either method means you can only dry one item at a time.  I have found that after drying flat most things benefit from a few minutes in the dryer on the air fluff setting.

Involve the Family:

Less time spent on the laundry means more time to spend with the family.  Get the kids involved with gathering up their dirty clothes and putting them in their own laundry bag.

Shop for close-out pillow cases and dedicate one for each family member.  They can be a favorite color, a cartoon character or other patterns depending on your family’s interests.

This way kids keep their rooms tidier and can take their laundry to the utility room when it is time to do their wash.  This makes sorting faster and if you wash their “bag” at the same time you have a clean bag to put the freshly folded clothes in.

With the hectic schedules we all deal with you may do laundry every day rather than the wash day schedule our mothers had.  If this is your routine you can even designate a day for each family member’s laundry.  That way the routine is established in a painless way.

If you feel creative get the kids to help make name tags to sew onto their bags.  You can even add the day of the week that is “their day”.  Once they know every Tuesday you will do their laundry it can become a special time to focus on that child alone while waiting for the dryer to ring.  Read a favorite story or just talk about their day and create some lasting family memory.

Getting family to change their bad habit of throwing dirty laundry onto the floor and then stepping over it may still be a challenge.  Call a family meeting and explain the new plan so they understand it means more time for popcorn and a movie night or their favorite game.  As a team the family can turn an often dreaded chore into a project that everyone will benefit from.

October 2014 Special & Wacky Days

As summer comes to a close and we get ready for fall it is a good time to get our calendar in order.  Certainly we should all mark down these touching but mostly goofy special days in October.

Hope you get a few chuckles from this post...I know I did.

                        1st       World Vegetarian Day

                        2nd      Name Your Car Day

                        3rd      World Smile Day

                        4th      National Frappe Day

                        5th      World Teacher’s Day

                        6th      Mad Hatter Day

                        7th      Bald & Free Day

                        8th      American Touch Tag Dag

                        9th      Fire Prevention Day

                        10th    World Egg Day

                        11th    Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

                        12th    Old Farmer’s Day

                        13th    Columbus Day

                        14th    National Dessert Day

                        15th    White Cane Safety Day

                        16th    Bosses Day

                        17th    Wear Something Gaudy Day

                        18th    Sweetest Day

                        19th    Evaluate Your Life Day

                        20th    Brandied Fruit Day

                        21st     National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

                        22nd    National Nut Day

                        23rd    TV Talk Show Host Day

                        24th    National Bologna Day

                        25th    Make a Difference Day

                        26th    Mother-in-Law Day

                        27th    Navy Day

                        28th    Plush Animal Lover’s Day

                        29th    National Frankenstein Day

                        30th    National Candy Corn Day

                        31st    Halloween & Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

Wacky but fun, there are a couple that we may well commemorate this year.  I wonder ifwe can combine the 4th and the 21st for a good excuse to enjoy a pumpkin spice Latte?

Unique & Bizarre October Holidays

Get out your calendars to mark down the following unusual October observances.

October is not only Awareness month, it also boasts the following designations:

            Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

            Computer Learning Month

            Cookie Month

            Eat Country Ham Month

            National Pizza Month

            National Popcorn Popping Month

            National Vegetarian Month

            Seafood Month

            Sarcastic Month

There are also many weekly observances in October Scroll down to see which ones will bring a smile to your face.

Interesting that so many of these observances revolve around food.  Certainly we can enjoy cookies and pizza in any month. So do they really need to be commemorated in October?  I remember as a child eating ham at most Easter and Christmas family meals.  Guess we were just out of touch with formal commemorations.

Being lucky enough to have a wonderful rescue dog I hope that people will adopt a shelter dog in October as well as the other 11 months of the year.

Now I for one can really embrace the weekly celebrations in October.

            Week 1            Get Organized Week

                                    Customer Service Work

            Week 2            Fire Prevention Week

                                    Pet Peeve Week

            Week 3            Pastoral Care Week

            Week 4            Halloween

There are also many, many special wacky days in October. Certainly they are too numerous to add to this post but I will be back with the stand-outs in plenty of time for you to organize your own special family commemoration.